Compliance work

For clients who have decided to enter Thailand or clients who are already in operation, we will carry out the procedure concerning the administrative work required by laws and all related regulations.

Business environment in Thailand are complex and diverse. Therefore, it is important for the companies to have good understanding of Thai business landscape. Without adequate information and understanding, they may face obstacles in their business operations. BizWings can be the helping hand to support any necessary management tasks, enabling the companies to put the effort and energy to the core business. The following are the examples of our services.

Company Establishment & Application for BOI

Business License Application (Loan License, etc.)

Accounting Entity & Corporate Tax Compliance


Personal Income Tax Return

Visa / Work Permit Declaration

Business management work

Because being in compliance with the laws and regulations is only a part of conducting a good business, our services extend beyond compliance work. For other business initiatives that our clients come up with, we can provide tailored and professional support to make it happen.

We will provide tailored and professional supports for your initiatives, while your existing members in Thailand still can focus on their own main work, such as business developments or manufacturing.

Preparation of Management Report for Parent Company

Financial Analysis

Cash Flow Management

Internal Audit

Improvement of Cost Accounting Accuracy

Regional Supervisory Management Support

Support for overseas expansion

We provide support for clients who are considering to enter Thailand through information provision and consulting. This will enable our clients to make a better and more informed decisions, as well as, run their businesses smoothly once they are in Thailand.

In recent years, general information of Thai business may be obtained through books and the Internet. However, in practical manner, things can be different and the information from public sources may not be adequate. Bizwings can add value by providing the practical field knowledge through our experts. We will support your company’s business expansion to Thailand with attentiveness and quality advices. The following are examples.

Feasibility Study Support

Researches on local Laws and Regulations

Create A Business Plan

Local Market Research

Acquisition and Analysis of Financial Statements of Local Joint Ventures and Business Partners

Japanese, English, and Thai Translation